updated: 29 May 2023

  1. Processors are our partners to whom we transfer your personal data for processing on behalf of us. This is necessary to ensure continuity of service on our part.
  2. Accordingly, each of our processors may have access to some part of the personal data that you provide to us for processing.
  3. In order to ensure the appropriate level of protection of your personal data as set forth in our Privacy Policy and applicable law, we enter into a personal data processing agreement with each of our processors.
  4. In cases where our partners are located in jurisdictions that are not recognized as providing an adequate level of personal data protection, we use additional adequate safeguards mechanisms. Most often, the Standard Clauses on personal data protection approved by the European Commission will be an appropriate safeguard mechanism.

    The list of current processors:

1.Amazon Web Services EMEA SARLHostingLuxembourg
2.Google Inc.Analytics and hostingIreland
3.Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd.AnalyticsIreland
4.Apple Inc.HostingUSA
5.AppsFlyer Ltd.AnalyticsIsrael
6.AppTweak S.A.OptimizationBelgium
7.RevenueCat, Inc.Subscription management and analyticsUSA
8.ActiveCampaign, LLCMarketing automationUSA
9.Functional Software, Inc.Error trackingUK